“Avoca” was taken in Pierre Part, Louisiana – a Caribbean-esque bayou town. I found this houseboat in the Avoca Canal, but the name is also a nod to the avocado green of the houseboat’s exterior. 

Many of my photographs pose questions about how people belong or don’t belong alongside nature. I question how our civilized selves function with our animal or natural selves. I ponder how we take care of the land, and how the land takes care of us. In this photograph, there is a feeling of harmony between the man-made and the natural.

For this photograph I worked with my assistant, Matt, and we mounted the camera in the water, which can take an hour to construct and position in the precise spot. The French photographer Eugene Atget once said, “The secret of a great photograph is in knowing where to stand.” But when you photograph in water, you can’t stand anywhere; the entire composition depends on the initial placement of the camera. The water can be up to 30 feet deep, and we worked with 90 feet of aluminum pipe sections to create a custom tripod. The pipes sunk through the swamp to be buried in the soft soil beneath the water and provide an above-water platform for my camera. It’s an unwieldy process, and it’s critical to place the camera correctly. One mistake in placement can take an hour to correct. For “Avoca,” I didn’t want the lines of the trees to interfere with the lines of the house. I wanted the cypress limb on the right to clear the tops of the trees, to reveal an expressive, outstretched arm dripping with Spanish moss.

I love the details: the hanging window screen; the patch of cypress knees off the front porch; the reflection on the front window, which makes it appear lit from within; the blue 55-gallon pontoon drums supporting the structure. The image has an idyllic quality. I want to live there. The house feels like it belongs to the landscape, with a rusting tin roof and the green sideboards and the lean of the tree on the right guiding your eye to the floating home. If you removed the house, you’d still have a beautiful landscape. But the house fits. 

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25" x 38" Edition of 13
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Title: Avoca
Location: Louisiana
Date: March 2015

Image Size Paper Size
(Including white border)
25 1/3"h X 38"w 31 3/4"h X 44"w
37 1/2"h X 56 1/3"w 44"h X 62 1/3"w


The front of the photograph is signed and titled by Frank in ink. The back of the photograph is detailed with printing information and edition number in pencil and the information is duplicated on a card affixed to the back of the photograph.


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