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My gallery on Royal Street is now open Thursday - Monday 10am - 6pm. We are working from the studio to fulfill all photography purchases.

If you prefer you can schedule a private gallery visit here.
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Frank Relle is a photographer born and based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from Tulane University with degrees in Cognitive Science and Philosophy.  
His work is included in the public collections of the Smithsonian Museum of American History, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and in the private collections of Wynton Marsalis, Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Brees and Sheryl Crow. 

Frank's photographs have been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, National Geographic, The Southern Review and The Oxford American magazines.

Frank is the recipient of numerous awards, including a 2007 International Photography Award and the Photo Lucida Critical Mass top 50 photographers 2006 and 2011.

Collectors FAQ


Collector Frequently Asked Questions


What is a limited edition?

  • Each photograph has a limited number of prints available in each size the edition sizes are listed in the description of each photograph.
  • Prices for the photographs depend on size and the number of photographs remaining in the edition.  As the edition sells out and fewer photographs remain, the prices increase.

Why are some photographs open editions?

  • In an effort to make some photographs continuously available at an accessible price point, Frank has decided to offer select photographs from his collection as numbered photographs without a set limit on the edition size.  

What are the sizes?

  • Dimensions are listed in the “Details” pages of the photographs. Both the image sizes and the total material size of the printed paper including the white border are listed (see PRINTING for more details on the border).
  • Most of the Nightshade and Until the Water prints are made in the following 4 sizes: 12”x18”, 17”x26”, 25”x38”, and 38”x56”.
  • Most of the Nightscapes prints are made in the following 3 sizes: 12”x18”, 16”x24”, and 20”x30”.
  • Vertically oriented photographs are not standard sizes


Are the photographs framed?
We currently do not offer shipping of framed photographs but will help locate an experienced framer in your area.  Outline below are the reasons why we don't ship framed. 

  • Our photographs are behind museum glass - but museum glass cannot be insured for shipping
  • Museum plexi can be shipped but is 3 times the cost of museum glass.
  • Collectors can purchase the superior museum glass at a lesser cost at a framer in their area.  
  • Even with professional packaging, the likelihood of the frame, glazing, or photograph getting damaged during shipping is very high


What kind of paper are the photographs printed on?

  • The photographs are printed on an archival fine art hot-press paper. The print longevity of the prints is rated for fade resistance by The Wilhelm Imaging Research Center at 200 years. This means that once printed, the photographs are fade-resistant for 200 years, assuming they are not exposed to direct sunlight with framing or due to any physical damage.

Border or No Border?

  • When Frank prints the photographs, he always prints with the white border around the edges so that when it is unpacked, customers have that edge to handle and don't risk smudging or scratching the image.
  • The border is 3” from the top, left, and right edges, and 3 ½” from the bottom edge.


Can I get a discount if I buy multiple photographs?

  • Frank does not discount his photographs.

What is the tax?

  • Sales tax is charged for photographs shipped, delivered, or picked up within Louisiana.
  • Interstate sales have no tax if shipping outside of Louisiana.

Can I return the photograph for a refund?

  • Yes. Once the photograph has arrived, there is a 30-day window for returns.


What is the typical turn-around time?

  • Frank has set print and ship days each month. Please contact the gallery at or 504.453.6109 for the upcoming shipping date or to arrange rush delivery details.

Are there special delivery requirements?

  • Yes. We ship via UPS, and require a signature for delivery unless otherwise specified by the customer.

How are the photographs shipped? What does the photograph look like when I get it?

  • We ship all of our photographs in double-walled cardboard packing tubes. The photograph will be rolled in a plastic sleeve for protection. The inner tube is wrapped in foam, preventing movement within the outer tube. We have found this is the safest method of transport.
  • The front of the photograph is signed and titled by Frank in ink. The back of the photograph is detailed with photograph information, size, and edition number in pencil (this information is duplicated on the included certificate of authenticity).
  • With the photograph, you will receive an envelope containing a purchase packing slip, a signed certificate of authenticity (including edition information) for your photograph, our framing details. Also included is a pair of gloves for handling the photograph.


How does Frank light the photographs?

  • Frank uses a mixture of industrial lights to light his scenes, including high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and daylight-balanced hot lights. These lights are mounted on stands in his boat and are powered by his generator. During an exposure, the boat is moved around to alter the light on the scene.
  • Shooting long exposures and using these multiple lighting sources creates the distinct color combinations and a sense of stillness with moving elements.
  • Frank’s typical photo shoot lasts from 9:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Nightscapes and Nightshade works usually involved police detail to block streets and assist with after-midnight inquiries from the neighbors.  

Where are the photographs taken?

  • The Nightscapes photographs of the buildings and houses are in New Orleans
  • The Nightshade series depicts the parks in the New Orleans.
  • The Until the Water series photographs were taken in swamps and bodies of water primarily in Louisiana. Gouffre and Tirrit were taken in Mississippi.
We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and personal check. For late edition photographs monthly installments can be arranged.

Gift Certificates
Not sure which photograph to give? Give a gift certificate and Frank will personalize the photograph of your family or friends' choice. Click here for additional information and purchase options.

To view full-screen photographs in a portfolio website, please visit

Licensing and Exhibitions

Frank's images are available for limited licensing opportunities. We maintain an inventory of ready-to-exhibit framed photographs. To discuss licensing or exhibitions, please contact the studio by phone or email with details of your interest.
Frank Relle photographs New Orleans houses and landscapes at night. The fine art long exposure photographs of buildings capture Katrina, Treme, Garden District, Bayou,  French Quarter and Uptown.

Frank Relle Photography gallery at 910 Royal Street. 

Gallery Phone 504-453-6109