Soileau - 2 REMAIN

Lake Chicot sits just outside Ville Platte, Louisiana about three hours northwest of New Orleans. I first visited Chicot in 2008 on a five-day canoe camping trip. The beauty of the mystical groves of tupelo trees on water immediately stood out to me and left a lasting impression on my visual memory. In 2014 when I decided to make my first trip into the swamp at night with lights I returned to Chicot.  

When you paddle through the tupelo trees, they form an arching cathedral shape that towers over you as you pass under. Earlier in the night, I tried and failed to make a photograph of these arched structures, and nearly dropped my camera into the water. Everything I attempted was a mistake. I felt foolish for attempting to make night lit images on the water. I drove back across the lake to an area of open water, my spirit broken. There, I saw these two little cypress trees a good distance from the shore. The way one tree stood beside the other felt relational – two trees out in the middle of a dark lake, with only each other.

The lake wasn’t deep here, I mounted my tripod in the water and drove away to set the light. I narrowed the barn doors so that a sliver of the light would hit the trees, isolating the figures against the dark. There’s streaking under the water on the right, reflections of fish swimming towards the light.

When I make pictures, I typically look for a broader structure. Often, this is in the form of a visual pattern or a relatable subject in the landscape. When I make photographs reflecting how I feel, I sincerely believe that I will be the only person who understands those personal images. I’m often surprised to learn that viewers relate to the feelings of intimacy between the trees in this photograph.

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38" x 56" Edition of 15

Photographer: FRANK RELLE
Title: Soileau
Location: Louisiana
Date: September 2014

Image Size Paper Size
(Including white border)
37 1/2"h X 56 1/3"w 44"h X 62 1/3"w


The front of the photograph is signed and titled by Frank in ink. The back of the photograph is detailed with printing information and edition number in pencil and the information is duplicated on a card affixed to the back of the photograph.


Photograph is unframed printed on ultra-smooth fine art paper with an approximately 3" white border around the image size giving you the above listed paper size.

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